Genuine character isn’t created overnight. Like the earth, it’s something that’s shaped over time. This could not be truer than with Mallee Rock. Our wine pays tribute to the rich bounty of Australia and its history, which is why “mallee” the aboriginal name for eucalyptus tree, is so symbolic. It is here, where raw earth meets rock, that the beautiful mallee trees dot the sun-drenched soil. Like the resilient mallee tree, thriving here demands strength of character.

On the South East Limestone Coast, warm, dry summers meet cool autumn breezes - giving rise to full-bodied red grapes, rich in their fruit concentration and bold in their structure.

Along the Murray-Darling Valley, a warmer area moderated by rivers, lays the foundation for crisp, clean whites with a touch of minerality and a smooth finish.

It is this raw, rich land that makes every bottle of Mallee Rock Wine so distinct. We are proud to say we are in every way, made from Australia. Mallee Rock Wines - savour the sun-drenched smoothness.


Mallee Rock

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