Start from a natural place of joy and fulfillment and it will translate into every aspect of your life. Like our Mallee Rock Wine, we’re born from a country that embodies the spirit of discovery and exploration. We live in the moment and don’t lose sleep over the small stuff, because at the end of the day, she’ll be right.

We work to live and when the weekend rolls around, we greet it with good friends and great food. So grab a glass of Mallee Rock, pull up a chair and savour the sun-drenched smoothness.

Cheers Mate!

Only in Oz

Work To Live

We clear the office by 5pm and most vacation packages start at four weeks.

Early To Rise

It’s common to surf or play beach volleyball before work. (More than 85% of Aussies live within 50km of the coast).

Aussie Rules

The term ‘footy’ means ‘Aussie rules’, which is Australian football. But depending on where you’re from, footy can also mean rugby.

Raise a glass

A 'session' implies a get together for an afternoon of drinks. It's usually on a Sunday… usually.

Breathe it in

Vegetation covers ninety percent of Australia, so it’s no surprise Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.

Less is more

We like to shorten words. Like instead of saying afternoon, we say arvo.


Mallee Rock

Hey, we gotta ask

Are you of legal drinking age?